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We teach you how to make money and grow wealth in property

We teach you how to be the very best version of yourself starting today


What is the course?

‘a fun online course aimed at people who want to start progressing with a sense of sufficiency in property and life today’

It is a detailed but fun online video course and platform with a one-off purchase price

The course also provides a life long membership into a community dedicated to the idea that there is enough for all to achieve the life they really want

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What is in the course ?

Thirty jam-packed juicy Modules 1-30

Each module contains videos,workbooks, templates, case-studies, exercises and hundreds of focused resources.

1-20 modules covers making money and growing wealth in property

21-30 modules covers self development with the intention of proving you are enough and finding your real purpose in this life. We want to align your values with your actions in the construction and property markets

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Why should you buy the course ?

Why not? It is 100% tax deductible. Reduce your tax bill and get this resource essentially for free.

Learn to sort your finances out. Get financial independence.

Learn to invest in construction, property development and investment.

Learn to make millions (and billions if you have the work effort and age profile).

Learn to grow these millions with little effort (Sam teaches management of resources rather than you being the resource).

Learn to enjoy and grow your relationships, friendships and interactions.

Learn to understand youself more, your physical body, your emotions, the reason why you are who you are .

Learn how to wake up happy, a big smile on your face and excited for the day ahead.

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Whats your selling point ?

Sam Stravelles is the selling point. You are investing in him and trusting his course.

Sam is into making lots and lots of money and growing wealth. But Sam is also heavily influenced by spirituality and some sort of meaning to life. This course reflects those twin ambitions.

After getting his degree in 2004, post-grad in 2005, masters in 2007 he became a chartered quantity surveyor in 2007, has built a multi-million property business all the while going through the growing pains and existential angst we all face.

He believes in making money and growing wealth while leading a massively fulfilling, fun and spiritual life.

He uses this course to teach you everything you need to know to start developing and investing in property and real estate

And he will teach you how to have lots of fun and satisfaction while doing it

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How does it work ?


Start for free

Start on the course for free to get an introduction to the course


Sign up to start learning

Once you sign up to the course you follow the link to the online platform and work your way through the 30 modules


Questions and action

Ask questions and grow

Start to implement

Take action


Goals of the course


Make money

Make money from very little savings through property development. If you have money already then you can go on to the next step


Grow wealth

Use property development and investment to safeguard and grow your wealth


Have a fun meaningful life

Mental Health

Physical Health

Emotional Health

Life management

Fun management

Spiritual management

Financial Management

Contribution and charity


What will you learn ?

You will learn how the property and construction industries really work from root to tip

You will figure out what type of property player you want to be and the game you want to play

We will show how to find the opportunities that suit your game

We will show you how to evaluate each opportunity for potential return

We show you how to make them happen from initial conception through planning permission, construction and monetisation

More importantly we will show you how to have fun doing it

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Modules 1-20 Property Development and Investment


Baby Steps

0.0 Welcome

0.1 Orientation

1 Beware the property television show

2 The history of property development

3 The typical property developer

4 Why be a property developer ?

5 What are the risks?

6 Time for a total detox

7 How much can I afford


Detailed Preparation

8 Is taking on debt good or bad?

9 Choosing a property strategy

10 How to Research

11 Understanding construction costs

12 Creating a proposal

13 Testing your proposal

14 Start moving towards action



15 Take action

16 Finding a builder

17 Managing the process

18 Selling

19 The most important lesson in property

20 Reviewing your progress

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Modules 21-30 Finding and Managing your best self


Modules 21-25

21 Physical health

22 Mental health

23 Emotional health

24 Relationship health

25 Spirituality health


Modules 26-30

26 Financial health

27 Life management

28 Fun management

29 Contribution and giving back

30 Review, what’s next


Is this course for you ?

Make money

If you want to start making serious money then this course is for you


Grow Wealth

If you have some money or a lot of money but you want to learn how to grow that money in property then this is for you


Have a great life

If you are making great money and feel that you are managing your wealth correctly but that something in your life is missing like say a poor relationship, lack of fun or joy, boredom, depression, lack of meaning in your life then this course is for you


This course shows you how to make money and grow wealth in property

and have a fun time doing it

If you want to make money and grow wealth in property then this is for you. Modules 1-20 cover this.

If you want to make your life fundamentally better across a broad spectrum of measures then this course is for you. Modules 21-30 deal with this.


Start investing and developing properties with no experience at all and even with no money

You will learn about all the various property strategies, budgets, documentation, tender processes, construction management, development appraisal all in an easy to digest format


Learn how to get the cliche sports car, the big house, the amazing relationship while not losing your true self along the way

(And maybe lose the desire for actually wanting the too small sports car and the too big house)

Everyone wants what they want.

Most of us can get it if we get educated, get skilled, work hard and build.

But it is easy to focus on what you want and forget about the important balance in life.


Whats Included


The course contains

The initial welcome pack

Life Access to the online course for life containing Modules 1-30 as described above

Ongoing technical support


Each of the 30 modules contains

Videos, workbooks, case-studies, templates, checklist, quizs

There are almost 300 separate resources available to you in this course and this is constantly growing, grow as Sam grows.


Also Includes

Answers to any questions you have as you work your way through the course

Priority access to Sam when you are starting your own development

Graduation Certificate once you complete the course


Take action today

Try the course today

If you want to learn how to make money in property then this is your chance

This is a course run by a professional with all the academic and professional qualifications and experience but also all the real world money making and fun having experience


Change your life

This course will change your life

If you are ready to change your life then enrol now