Do you believe in destiny?

We do and that you have arrived on this page or found us for a reason.

Whether its because you found our podcast funwithproperty among the millions of others or you clicked on an advertisement or we reached out directly there are no accidents.

Instead there are billions of different possibilities in the universe that have all happened for you driving you to finding this course and this business.

If you want to make lots of money and/or grow wealth in property AND have fun and meaning in your life then this is the course for you. Or if you need help growing your construction or property business try our services page.

It will take you about 5 mins to read this page and you can enrol on the course using your credit card or paypal.



What is the program/course ?


It is an Online video course and platform for anyone who wants to make money and grow wealth while having a fully enjoyable life.

Whats in it?


30 detailed Modules make up the course curriculum, 1-20 on making money and growing wealth in property and 21-30 on self development.

Each module contains videos and workbooks.

Whats your selling point?


Sam Stravelles is the unique selling point.

He believes in making money and growing wealth while leading a massively fulfilling, fun and spiritual life.


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How does it work ?



Enrol on the course below using credit card or paypal


Start learning

Follow the link to the online platform and work your way through the 30 modules


Questions and action

Ask questions and grow

Start to implement


Goals of the course


Make money

Make money from very little savings through property development


Grow wealth

Use property development and investment to safeguard and grow your wealth


Have a fun meaningful life

Mental Health

Physical Health

Emotional Health

Life management

Fun management

Spiritual management

Financial Management

Contribution and charity

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Modules 1-20 Property Development and Investment


Baby Steps

0.0 Welcome

0.1 Orientation

1 Beware the property television show

2 The history of property development

3 The typical property developer

4 Why be a property developer ?

5 What are the risks?

6 Time for a total detox

7 How much can I afford


Detailed Preparation

8 Is taking on debt good or bad?

9 Choosing a property strategy

10 How to Research

11 Understanding construction costs

12 Creating a proposal

13 Testing your proposal

14 Start moving towards action



15 Take action

16 Finding a builder

17 Managing the process

18 Selling

19 The most important lesson in property

20 Reviewing your progress

investment 8-min.jpg

Modules 21-30 Finding and Managing your best self


Modules 21-25

21 Physical health

22 Mental health

23 Emotional health

24 Relationship health

25 Spirituality health


Modules 26-30

26 Financial health

27 Life management

28 Fun management

29 Contribution and giving back

30 Review, what’s next