Whitney Houston Net Worth

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Nicki Minaj Net Worth
October 17, 2020
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Ariana Grande Net Worth
October 17, 2020
Whitney Houston Net Worth
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Whitney Houston Net Worth. Singer Net Worth. As of 2021, Whitney Houston’s likely net worth is estimated to be roughly $0 million dollars. This is a short biography of Whitney Houston with particular emphasis on his net worth and his involvement in property development and real estate. All our biographies tend to be people of high financial net worth and only focus on them from a financial point of view, especially Real Estate and property investment. Our aim is to find any useful tips from them so that we can benefit -see our learning lessons below.

Now, obviously Whitney Houston passed away but we at the property development course believe in one thing more than anything – learning from other people’s experiences. And the average person can learn a whole bunch from this wonderful songbirds life.


Whitney Houston’s net worth is likely to be a minus figure, as of 2021.

Full Name

Whitney Elizabeth Houston



Parents Occupation

Dad ex-Army serviceman and Newark city administrator

Mum was gospel singer

Where was she brought up ?

Newark, New Jersey

First signs of talent

Joined her local choir and was good enough to be a soloist. Her mother was a well known singer and she coached Whitney constantly.

Education Before high school

Local school

High school

Mount Saint Dominic Academy



First Job


First big break

Was hired as a model and appeared on seventeen, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Young Miss,

Next move

She continued her work as a model but started her music career and began performing in nightclubs.

In 1983 she was signed for Arista Records and made her first television appearance on the Merv Griffin Show.

Her first album debuted in 1985 launching her international career.

Whitney Houston’s net worth is likely to be a minus figure, as of 2021.

Personal life

Married with one child


Gentle,cheeky, funny

Quotes from Whitney Houston

Quick read

Girl born into singing royalty becomes an international singing start.

Lessons to be learnt

Lesson 1

Don’t do drugs – Whitney had issues and could not shake her addictions. She passed away far too young when she had a lot more to do with her life.

Lesson 2

Protect your children. Something happened to Houston in her formative years ,most likely some sort of physical or sexual abuse.

This led to mental issues for the rest of her life.

Lesson 3

Protect your money – she was surrounded by ‘family’ who ‘managed’ her finances for her. These people are a disgrace and did not look after her. She supposedly passed away with huge financial issues.

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As of 2020, Whitney Houston’s net worth is estimated to be $0 million dollars.

Love her or hate her, is your net worth less than or greater than Whitney Houston’s net worth? Get involved in property development to start growing your net worth

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