What is Goldentree Financial Services PLC

Michael Stern Profile of a property developer
Michael Stern Profile of a property developer
November 10, 2020
Who is Fred Done
Who is Fred Done ?
November 12, 2020
What is Goldentree Financial Services PLC
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What is Goldentree Financial Services PLC ? Golden tree is a private business that has a lot of private cash and that lends it out on a short-term basis to entrepreneurs and property developers and property investors.

When was the company formed ?


Who owns the business ?

It is owned by Fred Done who founded Betfred which is a gambling company.

What is their business idea ?

They take the money they make from gambling and lend it out on the short-term to people who want to invest in property.

What is the company details ?

It can be found here at companies house

Where are they based ?

  • It is a pool of private money so they can lend quickly and to whoever they like
  • Fast decisions
  • They claim to work in property development themselves so they can understand your property venture from your point of view
What types of finance do they offer ?

Development finance including

  • residential development
  • commercial development
  • residential bridging loan
  • commercial bridging loan
  • land loan
  • vat bridge
  • refurbishment loans
What fees are being charged ?
  • Legal / Security Document Fee Per Property
  • Legal fees
  • Other Fees
  • Client visit fee
  • Re-issue Offer Letter
  • Variation fee(minimum)
  • Redemption statement
  • Duplicate statement
  • Insurance management per renewal
  • Security release
  • Deed of release
  • Execution of / consent to legal document
  • Deed of priority / postponement
  • Consent to lease
  • CHAPS payment fee
  • Bank transfer fee
  • 3rd Party payment
  • Unpaid Cheque Fee
  • Late payment fee
  • Formal demand
  • Valuation and Quantity Surveying fees vary according to the size of the transaction and are therefore negotiated on a deal by deal basis.

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