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Hope you are well? Thanks for popping over to my website stravelles.com.

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I have moved my Stravelles.com website to this page


Why you ask?


Stravelles is a property business.


It still exists and is stronger than ever.


But we buy, renovate, refurbish and sell property and land...


Do we really need a website?


I don't think so ( i may be wrong).


You see, I have gone full circle on the idea of usefulness of websites.


Stravelles still exists but I found I had three websites for essentially the same business of construction and property and I was like 'why am i doing this'.


Over the past two years very few people came to the stravelles website, and if they did they would maybe surf some pages. Why would people come to the website? Just to get my contact details or address?


As a property development business we don't need to attract new clients so there is no real point to the website.


I was not trying to sell anything on it and all it really did was give my 'about me' and my contact address..


But yet I have the hassle of updating it and maintaining it each year.


So I have decided to just maintain one website for the time being  thepropertydevelopmentcourse.com


I offer my quantity surveying services to existing and new clients there too


This allows me to spend more time focusing on providing high value courses and training to very specific customers.


My emails addresses








still work and I will continue to use so if you need contact me.






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