Seven Habits Of Highly Successful Property Developers & Investors

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Seven Habits Of Wildly Successful Property Developers & Investors.

E-book including examples and accompanying workbook chapters.

We at the property development course have studied the best property developers and property investors of all time assessing their strengths and weaknesses and identifying their most important attributes.

We have distilled this analysis down into seven key habits, that if adopted, will lead to anyone improving themselves as property developers and property investors.

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What do you get ?

This book (delivered as a PDF to your email) is a perfect way for new and experienced property developers and investors to take on insights on property development and investment to use in their own careers.

It provides you with life changing lessons that will benefit your property development and investment career.

Forget spending tens of thousands of dollars on a University education. Or going back to University to ‘upskill’. This is what education actually is – reading something that helps you progress in your life and doesn’t cost a fortune.

What you have here is the opportunity to learn seven really solid habits that ALL highly successful property developers and investors follow. All you have to do is implement these habits into your own life and you will get noticeable improvements.

What is in the book ?

Cover page
Welcome introduction
Table of contents:
Chapter 1 Schooling is not the answer
Chapter 2 Add value to begin your career
Chapter 3 Obtain access to finance to grow
Chapter 4 Stay low profile
Chapter 5 Cultivate friends
Chapter 6 Spread your bets
Chapter 7 Plan your exit strategy

Action plan workbooks

There is a workbook section at the end of each chapter for you to take action. There is no point you simply observing these habits. You need to take action immediately and adopt the habit as your own.

Who is the book based on ?

The book is not based on any particular person but instead seeks to find common attributes and habits amongst the most successful people in property development and property investment.

The idea being that if you can take on some of their habits it will lead you to more success.

The book is based on information gathered from some of the people below.

The Top Property Developers per country

UK Developers

  • Barclay Brothers
  • Candy brothers
  • Grosvenor Family
  • Harry Hyams
  • William stern
  • Reichmann brothers
  • Irvine Sellar
  • Gerald ronson
  • Harry Macklowe
  • Mark Pears
  • Ian and Richard Livingstone
  • David and Simon Reuben,
  • Earl Cadogan and family
  • Sir Henry Keswick and family
  • Baroness Howard de Walden and family


  • Sun Hongbin
  • Yang Huiyan
  • Hui Ka Yan
  • Zuo Hui

USA Developers

  • Donald Bren
  • Andrew Beal
  • Stephen M Ross
  • Fred Trump
  • John Grayken

Canadian Developers

  • Peter Gilgan

Irish Developers

  • Sean Mulryan
  • Jim Mansfield
  • Comer Brothers
  • Johnny Rohan
  • Sean Dunne
  • Liam Carroll
  • Derek Quinlan


  • Harry Triguboff


  • Eddie and Sol Zakay