This course will be the perfect fit for some people but not for others

If you are keen to make money and grow wealth in property then this is for you. Modules 1-20 cover this.

If you want to make your life fundamentally better across a broad spectrum of measures then this course is for you. Modules 21-30 deal with this.


Make money

If you want to start making serious money then this course is for you


Grow Wealth

If you have some money or a lot of money but you want to learn how to grow that money in property then this is for you


Have a great life

If you are making great money and feel that you are managing your wealth correctly but that something in your life is missing life like a poor relationship, lack of fun or joy, boredom, depression, lack of meaning in your life then this course is for you


This course will not suit some people

This course is an investment in yourself. It is not very cheap but neither is it expensive compared to the value you will receive.

However we don’t want the following people doing the course


Negative people

If you just like complaining about the world or your life but are not prepared to work to make it better then this course is not for you.

We want bright, positive people or at least people who want to be bright, positive and to grow.


People who just want bling

If you just want money so you can have cars, mansions, sex, ‘success’ then this course if not for you.

We don’t want to have to deal with egos or people who think they know if all.

We want people who are willing to learn.


People with issues spending money

If you have issues spending money on yourself like this course where it is an investment in your personal and business life then we don’t want to deal with you.

We want the people who look at this course and say ‘this is really cheap considering the way it is going to change my life’.

We want people who want to save for this course because they can see how good it will be for them.