John Grayken

John Grayken Net Worth and Biography. John Grayken is well known as a vulture fund owner who buys distressed assets and flips them. In the property world he is well known for buying large distressed property funds at a discounted price and selling them on for huge profits. Grayken, and his type of business has a bad reputation but we see his form of business as essential in cleaning up bad companies.


John Patrick Grayken



Cohasset, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

Parents occupation

Dad was unknown -very little information

Mother was -very little information

High School

Unknown -very little information


BA degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania

MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1982.

Early signs of business talent

He worked first for Morgan Stanley and then for the Texas billionaire Robert Bass.

Grayken founded Lone Star in 1995 of which he owns 100%.

He also founded and owns the asset management firm, Hudson Advisors a full-service asset management company with over 900 employees worldwide that provides due diligence and analysis, asset management, and ancillary and other support services to the Funds and to the Funds’ investment activities.

Personal life

Married and divorced.

Married a second time with four children.

Pyrford Court, Surrey Grade II listed 15-bedroom house, built in 1910 for Rupert Guinness, 2nd Earl of Iveagh.

As of 2017, they live in a $70 million home in Chelsea, London, purchased through a company in Bermuda.

Charity work

He has donated significant sums to charities relating to addiction.

Quotes about him

“Many of the other real estate and private equity players are really jealous of John Grayken.”

“There are real questions about the human costs of Lone Star Funds’ business practices,”

“the executioner from Texas”

In South Korea, his firm, Lone Star, is known as meoktwi — eat-and-run capital.

“the robber barons of the new millennium”