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October 12, 2020
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Fun music

It is hard to describe what music we like.

So the best way of writing this list is to talk about music that we like listening to evoke certain moods.

We do not believe in motivational music -we believe that you are either motivated to do something or not, music can push you a little further but its YOUR OWN WILL that moves the mountain.

But we love music that makes us feel something.

These are songs that we at the property development course go to when we want to feel pure joy. Writing full time articles on property development, property investment, property finance can be tough at times. We are fascinated by all things property and love our business but sometimes you just need to kick back, light a cigarette and drink a large vodka with some sort of sugary drink. These are some of the songs we love to smoke cigarettes and drink vodka in the dark to:

The Ramones

One of the first punk rock banks they formed in Queens, New York City and are lauded as one of the most influential bands ever. They toured non stop for twenty two years and we guarantee you have seen someone wear one of their t-shirts

  • Blizkrieg Bop

Following on the heels of the great Stone Roses, Oasis were the nineties in the UK and Ireland. They have so many good songs especially in those two iconic first albums Definitely maybe, Whats the story (morning glory), and Be Here Now.

  • Cigarettes and alcohol

The Pogues

Traditional Irish music band meets Punk. The band formed in Kings Cross in 1982 and Shane MacGowan sung the lyrics while being a glorious out of control drunk. This song is catchy, lively full of jiggery pokery and yet the music is tragic, anger and aggressive…perfect drinking music

  • Dark streets of London

This band formed in 1976 and were one of the original British punk rock bands. We love this song because its the ultimate rebellion song against the establishment.

  • Rock the Casbah

Bruce Springsteen

The Boss, The Doctor. Bruce is the leader singer of the E Street band and all round icon. Straight out of the Jersey Shore he ruled the rock scene in the 1970’s.

  • Glory days
The Rolling Stones

These guys have been around forever. This is our favourite RS song

  • Paint it black

Alicia Keys

We love Alicia because she came from a very troubled area and let music guide her life. She could have been a Britney Spears type singer but she kept true to her music.

  • Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down
Linkin Park

We dare you to listen to this Agoura Hills band and not feel energised

  • In the End

To be continued…we will keep updating this list with the music we like listening to








Charlie Standen
Charlie Standen
Charlie started out as a quantity surveyor and project manager before moving into property development and property investment. He also enjoys all aspects of writing, videography, and new media. He writes content for the property development course on property development, property investment, and property finance.