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John Morgan of Morgan Sindall. This is a short biography of John Morgan who is one of the leading figures in Morgan Sindall, a large publicly listed construction company in the UK. The point of the biography is to take a look at anything we can learn from this successful contractor to use in our property dealings.

What is Morgan Sindall ?

Morgan Sindall Group is a large construction company consisting of several divisions including:

  • House building
  • Public housing
  • Fit–out
  • Maintenance
  • Property development


History of the group

John Morgan co-founded Morgan Sindall with Jack Lovell in 1977 when it was just called Morgan Lovell. In 1985 they bought a company called Overbury which was established in 1942.

In 1994 it bought William Sindall public limited company which was established in 1860. This formed the Morgan Sindall Group public limited company. This was a reverse take-over where the unlisted company took over the listed company.

In 1998 Morgan Sindall bought Lovell partnerships which was a large house builder. In 2007 it bought the construction division of AMEC and in 2010 it bought the maintenance division of Connaught plc.


Biography of John Morgan

His dad was a small property developer. His dad developed several sites a year and John learnt how to manage sites from an early age.

He went to Reading University and studied estate management. He met Jack Lovell there. Jacks family were involved heavily in social housing.

After university he formed a construction company with Jack from a small office in Golden Square, Soho. They were both in their early twenties. It was a very small office and had no phonelines. They sublet half the space and used the public phone-boxes in nearby Carnaby Street.

John and Jack were both entrepreneurs running various schemes. They ran small pub promotions and a small clearance and second hand furnishing business while getting their construction company off the ground. The construction company was involved in carpet laying and refurbishing offices. This eventually evolved into an office interiors business by 1979. By 1981 the business had a turnover of over four million pounds which was huge.

He has grown the company by buying existing operations and letting them grow their own businesses. He believes in a decentralised approach with separate profit centres. All individual parts of the business act on their own initiative and work to an overall business plan.


Personal life

He is married with three children


Quiet, a listener. Obviously intelligent.


Net worth

In 2019 Morgan sold three hundred thousand shares at £13.64 giving himself a cash injection of four million pounds. He still owns about 4,500,000 shares of the company which means he is worth about £61million conservatively.

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