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Learn everything you need to know about property development to fuel a profitable, fun and purposeful life.
Peter Gilgan. Billionaire homebuilder.
Profile: Peter Gilgan. Billionaire homebuilder in Canada.
Peter Gilgan is a former accountant who founded a home building company in Toronto and made a billion dollars or two along the way. He created his company Mattamy homes that has built hundreds of thousands of houses Canada and he is only getting started. Learn how this cycling fanatic got his first big break
The Top Property Developers per country
The Top Property Developers per country
The Top Property Developers per country. In this article we are looking at several countries and summarising one property developer per country. You can read a short profile of each of these developers and then we have separate pages on their net worths and their lives. The whole point of studying these developers is to attempt to identify any skills or attributes we can co-opt into our own property businesses. Read more
Construction costs
Learn how to estimate construction costs more accurately
If you are considering purchasing a plot of land or an existing property for development or investment then you need to understand what the construction costs will be. If you are buying an old house to build into two houses or apartments you cannot figure out your expected profit unless you know your likely construction costs. We give you the skills to learn how. Enrol now
RIP one of the best house developers in the UK
Tony Pidgley of Berkeley Homes. Tony Pidgley's life sounds something like a childrens fairytale. Taking just a tiny poetic licence, imagine the tale of an orphan, raised by gypsies and taught the secrets of making money before building one of the UK's biggest housebuilders. He was an industry legend, a man's man and his story just won't happen again. What can we learn from him to be better developers? Read more
Tony Pidgley


Property Development course. Property development is historically speaking, a fantastic way of increasing your wealth fast.

Our website led by our experienced team of property developers, explores the opportunities available to homeowners, businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to invest in property. Whether you’re new to property development and property investment or want to brush up on your knowledge this website is a fantastic opportunity to soak up insights from our expert team of property developers. Using real examples you will be shown how to create real wealth fast. You’ll learn the fundamental property development principles that underpin all property ventures, as well as the best ways to reduce risk and increase profits.

What should be able to do using the information available in the property development course?
  • Identify if property development is suitable for you (and save yourself a lot of time and money).
  • Understand the various property strategies within the cannon of property development.
  • Pick one of the many different property strategies
  • Create a business plan for a property venture
  • Organise your team
  • Apply for funding
  • Construct/refurbish
  • Rent or sell
  • Build a legacy property business
How does the property development course work?

The website is for free. We run some third party advertisements on the website and we sell our own products and services. If you are ready to enrol on one of our affordable courses you simply purchase the course below using a debit or credit card. We use a well known company called stripe to process the payment and we do not hold onto or even see your card details. Once you purchase an affordable course you will be emailed a link to start. It is a simple as that. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email us, ring us or even shoot us a text on whatsapp (if you have it).

Website contents
  • Sorting out your finances
  • Picking a property strategy
  • Creating a business plan
  • Sourcing, finding and buying a property
  • Planning gain, house hacking
  • Property flipping
  • Creating a property business
  • Q&A

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