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November 4, 2020
Profile Zuo Hui

Profile Zuo Hui

Profile Zuo Hui. Zuo Hui is a Chinese billionaire who owns a giant real estate agency in China. Forbes estimate his net worth at $20 Billion USD. Why is he wealthy? He owns China’s biggest real estate company, Homelink, now called Lianjia which is owned by KE Holdings (Beike). He lists on the Forbes billionaire list. Full name Zuo Hui Born 1971 Origin story Unknown - there is very little detail about his childhood, teenage years etc University 1992 bachelor’s degree in  computer and application from Beijing College of Chemical Technology (now known as Beijing University of Chemical Technology) 2008 EMBA Degree from Peking University, EMBA in 2008 Formed Homelink: He founded Homelink in November 2001. It is a private real estate brokerage company or real estate agency. It is a massive operation with 6,000 brokerage office and 120,000 brokers. Homelink captured a large share of the brokerage market by providing transparent fixed commission rates on sales. Its internal slogan was “to do the difficult but right thing”. In 2018 it created Beike Zhaofang in an attempt to bring together all brokers in the real estate market in China. Key dates in the history of Homelink 2001 Founded 2001 Opens first brokerage office in "Tianshuiyuan". 2004 offers "Non-price difference" and tried to reduce the price difference between the market price and trading price. 2006 offers  "exclusive listing" which is a guarantee to sell a property by a certain time otherwise it will pay the Client a fine 2007 launches online platform 2017 sells 6% to Sunac Real Estate $388 million in January valuing the business at over US$6 billion. 2020 Raises $2 Billion in IPO valuing the business at $42 Billion USD
October 16, 2020
Harry Triguboff Net Worth

Profile: Harry Triguboff Net Worth

Harry Triguboff Net Worth. As of 2021, Harry Triguboff ’s likely net worth is estimated to be roughly $6 billion dollars. This is a short biography of Harry Triguboff  with particular emphasis on his net worth and his involvement in property development and real estate. All our biographies tend to be people of high financial net worth and only focus on them from a financial point of view, especially Real Estate and property investment. Our aim is to find any useful tips from them so that we can benefit -see our learning lessons below.
February 16, 2020

Introduction to Property Profiles

Introduction to Property Profiles. In order to predict the future, look to the past. This is a collection of articles about people who have done great, interesting, novel and even more importantly FUN things in property and construction. We have already completed a lot of in-depth research about people who are major players in the property market. Not surprisingly a lot of the land around the globe is owned by Royal families, Governments, Companies, Charitable trusts and businesspeople. This series of articles will look at these property titans, property tycoons and look at how they built their property holdings, how they maintain them and what the future looks like for them. The tone of the articles will be professional and fact finding with an emphasis on what lessons we can learn from their success and failures.
November 10, 2020
The Reichmann brothers

Profile: The Reichmann brothers Net Worth and Biography

The Reichmann brothers Net Worth and Biography.  The Reichmann brothers. Name Paul Reichmann Born Vienna 1930 Parents occupation Dad was poultry farmer, merchant and currency trader. High School Unknown - would have been disrupted due to World War II but possibly Tangier. University Studied Judaism in Britain and then in Israel Early signs of business talent He emigrated to Canada and joined his brothers companies Olympia Floor & Wall Tile Co. Reichmann then started his own property development business York Factory Developments and then Olympia & York. It grew from strength to strength building Canada's tallest building, First Canadian Place before expanding into New York and becoming one of the largest property development businesses. Personal life Quiet, private, living a comfortable but modest life. Very religious. Fall The business developed the Canary Wharf project which was a failure and collapsed with $20 billion in debt Charity work He has donated heavily to Jewish charities.
October 13, 2020
Sun Hongbin

Sun Hongbin Chinese Billionaire Real Estate Developer

Sun Hongbin Chinese Billionaire real estate developer. This is a short biography of the Chinese property developer. The idea behind this, and all our biographies is to search for any tips and learning lessons that we can take from their careers and lives. We are not interested in their personal lives or gossip, just what can we learn? In this case and many other cases of Chinese, Russian and other countries businesspeople it is really difficult to find plausible evidence of how they have truly made their wealth. We want each biography to show reasonable steps in their wealth development. In some cases such as this, wealth just appears
November 23, 2020
Kevin P. Maloney Profile of property investor

Kevin Maloney Profile of a serious property developer

Kevin Maloney Profile of a serious property developer Who is he ? He is the founder and owner of Property Markets Group which is a property development group specialising in residential developments in New York, South Florida,  South Carolina and Chicago. Born 1958 Parents His father was a lawyer in the United States Marine Corps Education University at Buffalo First Investments He used his student loans to purchase several properties during University. First job Maloney joined Chemical Bank in New York City from University and worked in the 30 Rock building in NYC. He joined Ensign Bank a $2 billion federal bank, where he ran real estate. First company Maloney set up the Property Markets Group in 1991. Personal life Married with one child What does he specialise in ? acquisition construction renovation financing operation marketing of residential and commercial real estate. contract review client, seller, vendor negotiations identification of new investment projects procurement of new capital sources. What is his overall business plan ? He buys land and buildings, develops the scheme and leases it out. He then sells them to a real estate investment trust or a property investor. Where does he live ? Maloney has a house on the beach in Golden Beach and a Penthouse on 84th and West End Avenue. He also keeps a ranch outside of Aspen and a Flat in London
October 11, 2020

John Morgan of Morgan Sindall

John Morgan of Morgan Sindall. This is a short biography of John Morgan who is one of the leading figures in Morgan Sindall, a large publicly listed construction company in the UK. The point of the biography is to take a look at anything we can learn from this successful contractor to use in our property dealings.
November 4, 2020
Profile Hui Ka Yan

Profile Hui Ka Yan

Profile of Hui Ka Yan. He is the owner of Evergrande real estate Group. He has a net worth estimated to at $29 billion USD. Born 9th October 1958 Childhood and background Hui was born into a poor family in a rural setting of in Henan, China. His father was a retired soldier who worked in a warehouse. His mother passed away when he was still an infant. First Job Once he finished high school he worked in a cement factory before going to university. University Hui went to Wuhan University from 1978 to 1982. He graduated from Wuhan Institute of Iron and Steel (now Wuhan University of Science and Technology) with a degree in metallurgy in 1982. First job Hui worked as a technician in a state owned steel factory 'Wuyang Iron and Steel Company' for 10 years till 1992. He was promoted to associate director in 1983 and then director in 1985. He worked as director for seven years. He then left his job and moved to the new "special economic zone" of Shenzhen in China's Guangdong province and started working for a property trading company called "Zhongda". One year later, he became president of its branch office named "Quanda" In 1994 Hui moved to Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, to establish the Guangzhou Pengda Industrial Co., Ltd. Founding of Evergrande Founded Evergrande in Guangzhou in 1996  providing new apartments and houses Its first project was Jinbi Garden. Going public He brought the company public in 2009. Personal life Married with two children
October 23, 2020
The Comer Brothers

Profile of Luke and Brian Comer, the Billionaire Plasterers