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October 14, 2020
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October 16, 2020
Andrew Beal Net Worth
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Andrew Beal’s Net Worth. As of 2021, Andrew Beale’s likely net worth is estimated to be roughly $9 Billion dollars. This is a short biography of Andrew Beale with particular emphasis on his net worth and his involvement in property development and real estate. All our biographies tend to be people of high financial net worth and only focus on them from a financial point of view, especially Real Estate and property investment. Our aim is to find any useful tips from them so that we can benefit -see our learning lessons below.


Andrew Beal’s net worth is likely to be $9 Billion dollars, as of 2021.


Lansing, Michigan

Parents Occupation

Mother worked for the state

Dad was a mechanical engineer.

Where was he brought up ?

Lansing, Michigan

Education Before high school

Local school

High school

Lansing Sexton High school


Michigan state university

Baylor University in Waco, TX

First Job

He worked with his uncle fixing and reselling televisions. He also worked installing security systems to apartments.

First big break

When he was nineteen he bought his first house for $6,500 and rented it out for $119 a month. He then started flipping properties.

He bought an old apartment building in Waco and flipped it

Beal bought two housing buildings in Newark and refurbished and sold them.

Andrew Beal’s net worth is likely to be $9 Billion dollars, as of 2021.

Next move

He opened up his own bank called Beal Bank in Dallas and a second bank in Las Vegas. It has a return on assets rate many times its peers.

Next move

He started Beal Aerospace to build rockets to put satellites into orbit.

Personal life

First wife – two children

Second wife – four children

Two children with another partner



Quotes from Andrew Beal


Quick read

Business man who graduated from refurbishing and selling televisions into flipping properties and then into banking and aerospace.

Lessons to be learnt

Lesson 1

Like Elon Musk, Beal has kept reinvesting his money into several different industries

Lesson 2

He is reasonably private. I would guess he is not a household name even in the USA. This is the ultimate situation – to be able to enjoy your life privately while being very wealthy.

Lesson 3

He is unafraid of taking risks. Starting a new bank and an aerospace company are two very difficult tasks.

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As of 2020, Andrew Beal’s net worth is estimated to be $9 Billion dollars.

Love him or hate him, is your net worth less than or greater than Andrew Beal’s net worth? Get involved in property development to start growing your net worth



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