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    About the property development course website. What and who are we? We are a magazine style website that publishes articles on all things property development and property investment. The fundamental purpose of the website is to give people the tools to successfully invest in property development and property investment. We participate in the property world to make our communities safer and more joyous in which to live.

    All staff members are involved in property everyday whether through their own property ventures or through providing services in the property and construction industry.

    We are a for profit business that reinvests all profit back into the business

    We reinvest all our profits  back into the business. We believe one hundred percent in the positive power of capitalism to improve the living conditions of everybody. We put the majority of our profits back into the business to continue with our goals of helping more medium income people get involved in property. We provide valuable content that improves normal peoples financial lives, the local and macro economic economy.

    To grow the website and to enable us to highlight the stories we tell we also offer various affordable online courses, classes, tutorials, digital tools and guidance on property development and everything within this field – this aligns with our values of ‘helping more local people develop local properties’. And we provide services to property developers and investors too.

    Apart from that, this website exists to be a fun, useful resource about property and real estate.

    About the property development course website continued.

    Our course comes from the simple idea that most people in the western world are in school and university for nearly twenty years but are not taught personal finance skills.

    No wonder the majority of hard-working grunts end up with a small crumbling house and a miserable pension, they do not know any better.

    Founded in 2005

    The property development course was set-up with a simple defining mission – to help normal people grow their wealth using local property development and property investment. People do not necessarily have to become millionaires, but at least they should have a comfortable, fun lifestyle.

    About the property development course website continued.

    The website exists to help people reach their potential through property development and property investment – this is good for the persons involved and this entrepreneurial activity helps the local microeconomics and the international economy as a whole.

    Our staff

    Our courses are constantly developed by our fabulous team of property developers, property investors, researchers, cameramen, writers, editors, and graphic artists.

    Affordability is key

    We work extremely hard for any products to be affordable to the average Joe on the street because they need this education and mentorship the most. We try and keep our courses and products under £50.00 UK pound sterling (about $65USD) so that everyone can afford them.

    Keeping it simple

    We believe in keeping things simple. Sometimes, people can make a simple subject overly complicated and inaccessible. Perhaps, this is to protect their knowledge and the benefits it confers upon them. We believe in making property development simple because it is simple. Buy property at a low price and sell at a high price – we try not to stray too far from that message. And of course, we stress local investment. If you are born in the North of England, you really should be investing locally not speculating on mining rights in Siberia or condos in Wisconsin.

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    Charlie Standen
    Charlie Standen
    Charlie started out as a quantity surveyor and project manager before moving into property development and property investment. He also enjoys all aspects of writing, videography, and new media. He writes content for the property development course on property development, property investment, and property finance.